Live From Internal Robots Studios!

With the release of the very first episode of the Internal Robots Podcast, Internal Robots can now boast a fine piece of content from each of our sections; videos, reviews and podcasts.

In this wonderful piece of entertainment myself, Brunker, Trystan, Lachlan and Dom get to talking about a whole array of video games and cover a bunch of news from the industry  for about an 1.5 hours before running out of time and abandoning ship rather abruptly and unceremoniously. Episode 1: I Seen A Fox is a young, unrefined item, so please be gentle with it. It knows not what it’s doing exactly. We’re just making this up as we go, but we learn fast. Future podcasts (and indeed all content) should improve in quality, both technically and in organisation/content, and increase in frequency.

On a related note, I have submitted the podcast to iTunes, so it should hopefully be available in their directory shortly. How professional of us. Until then – if you really, really want to subscribe – you can use the RSS feed located on our Feeds page or the Feeds menu down there at the bottom of the page to subscribe manually in your podcast client of choice.

I would like to take this opportunity to tease some upcoming content… but I don’t have any.

Enjoy the podcast!

Update: The Internal Robots Podcast is now available on iTunes.

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