Game of the Year Awards 2019 – Part 1

Oh no, here it is again! It's Internal Robots' Game of the Year deliberations for 2019! David, Jack, Josh & Max are gathered in the studio to hash out the definitive rulings for 2019's most disappointing, best surprise, best co-op/mutliplayer experience, best style, best visuals, and best music!

00:05:41 - Most Disappointing
00:23:15 - Best Surprise
00:47:30 - Best Co-op/Multiplayer Experience
01:04:39 - Best Style
01:25:17 - Best Visuals
01:52:33 - Best Music

Music from Ape Out, Cadence of Hyrule, Sayonara Wild Hearts, Devil May Cry V, Death Stranding, and Mutazione is featured in this podcast.

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