Episode 7: Topical Content

Podcast regulars David, Brunker, Gabby and Lachlan return after another long month, but bring a brand new Andy Nielsen with them, and a few messages from an internet-less Dom. A tonne of new console updates get discussed, as well as a bunch of games - new (like GTA V and Saints Row IV) and old, with topical titles like GTA IV, Kingdom Hearts and Halo 2, as well as a bunch of less relevant talk about music, sports and gas, and the hard hitting topic of racial vilification in game titles.

I also apologise for claiming GTA IV was 8 years old, clearly I was thinking of San Andreas. Still; 5 years old is more than a few years, and the PS3 is about to be a generation behind.

- Andy's band; Eddie Boyd and the Phatapillars.
- Review for Saints Row IV.
- The new PS Vita and PS Vita TV.
- Nintendo's latest handheld, the 2DS.
- The GTA V map.

GTA IV, Rockstar Games

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