DmC: Devil May Cry Review

DmC: Devil May Cry combines stylish action, dynamic combat and a vibrant world to make a truly great action experience.Faced with the always daunting challenge of rebooting a long-running, beloved series, Ninja Theory has outdone themselves in creating not only Read More

Saints Row IV Review

The Saints Row series has become the poster child for all that is pure ridiculous and deliriously fun. Saints Row IV by no means disappoints in this; managing to raise the bar even further in it’s outrageousness whilst tying the Read More

Shadowrun Returns Review

Shadowrun Returns provides a dynamic and deep strategy game wrapped in a dark and engaging world.Shadowrun Returns revisits the world of Shadowrun: a not-too-distant future Earth that has seen the return of magic, and with it the rise of meta-humans Read More

Tomb Raider Review

Crystal Dynamic’s latest Tomb Raider offering is a complete reboot on the series, and attempts to create a more gritty and realistic world for, and character in, Lara Croft. The story starts you off on a ship, on your way Read More